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Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Soup Place

It has been sometime now that I dare to write about any eating place in Wangsa Maju. Every time I write about it I find that it closed down a few months to a year later.
Anyway tonight my family and I went to this place to try the meals there.
  For the 4 (+ a child) of us it costed us,

Not that bad I suppose.

But unfortunately tonight the place was almost fully booked by a private party, so we ended up having to seat at the corridor. Its all right I suppose but the table was not so stable, it spilt my tea,
Never mind, the food was passable (to me) but my wife says that it was good. And the presentation was nothing to talk about, with such a cheap price (by local standard) one just cannot complain. The soup a bit watery and the 'soup ekor' had a lot of fat, they just floated. Just be careful that is all.
Was I satisfied? Well, OK for a cheap evening family outing. Or maybe we did not order the right 'thing'.

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